What should a Wedding DJ do for your wedding? Before, During and After the event?

Well this really is a loaded question that all Djs will have their own version of!

We at Pittsburgh Vibes Unlimited feel we are here to help you for all three parts. Here is what to expect from us at least.

Let me break them down for you:

What to expect of your DJ before the wedding:
First we listen to all of your questions and comments and will answer then in a timely fashion.
We want to learn from you about your vision and expectation as to what you want your wedding to be and the only way for us to learn to to meet with you and honestly listen to you. At this point we can tell you what we can do for you and how we can accomplish this for you. We also listen to you as to what you plan or want your event to be like and what order.  This is where we start planning the timeline for your event. We also listen to see what you want for style and types of music. Are you planning on having custom songs for each couple of your wedding party or do you have a special song that you want them all to enter with? Do you have a special song you want to highlight that is your song?  Do you want a compilation of several songs to have your own wedding dance song that you saw on youtube? We are here to listen to you and your ideas. After doing hundreds of weddings we learned no two are alike. Yes, there are many things that are similar from wedding to wedding but here is where you can tell me what you liked in past weddings or what you want yours to sound and look like. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We don’t do this all in one night. We can meet with you a couple of time and will always be there via email and phone calls. We are here to make your wedding your own not another canned package. I feel this is where most of the work being a wedding DJ is. The planning and coordination of your event before it happens.
What to expect of your DJ during the wedding reception:
This is the easy part. Due to the planning and timelines the DJ/Emcee of  your night is there executing your game plan. Here is where everything that we discussed and planned using our worksheets, emails and meetings pay off. We are here to do the best to create the type of atmosphere you envisioned your wedding reception to be. The DJ becomes the ringmaster of your event. Most people just think the DJ is there to just play some music for you to dance to. But the DJ become the coordinator for the evening. We help organize the timing and getting your party together at the right moments. Beside the introductions, the DJ / Emcee gets everyone ready for the Speeches, The cutting of the cake, The First Dances, The Dancing with the parents, keeping people informed of the events happening throughout the evening. We work with your catering to keep the night flowing and your guests happy. We will work with your Photographer and videographer. If they are not in sync and know what is happening, you don’t want them to miss or not be ready to film or take photos of something that is about to happen. This is why we work so hard on the preplanning. Besides all of this we are there to play music. We will follow your play and your do not play lists. We read the crowd and will make sure everyone is having a good time and partying all night long to the music. We are there to make your wedding dreams come true.

After the Wedding:
We know that after the wedding you don’t really have anymore interaction with us. This part is provided by your family and guests. As you come back from your honeymoon or your trip  your family and friends have all ready have been posting on your facebook or twitter and even emailed you to tell you how much fun they had at your wedding and did not want it to end.
With that in mind we like to read this feedback and like to learn from each wedding. We enjoy hearing about how we did and would like you to leave us a written review so this can help other brides learn about how we did for you event and even give them a few of your ideas and even let them know how we did for you.

As you can see a professional DJ Entertainment company is responsible for SO MUCH More then just playing music for your reception. Most brides never realize all a good professional DJ really does for their event. That is what we take each and every wedding communication before the wedding so seriously. The entertainment for your wedding night is much more then just playing a few songs it is about making sure the event runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

As a bride or groom to be, consider entertainment an investment into your events success or failure.
There are numerous studies and articles that indicate how after the wedding couples wished they spent more time looking for a DJ company that best suited their style, tastes and ideas and listened to what they wanted in their evening.

Bill Jakub – Pittsburgh Wedding DJ – PVU Event Group

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