Bringing you a PVU first! Cake spot lighting!

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ - Up Lighting - Cake Pin Light spot light

Wedding cakes are very beautiful and elegant. All the time and work that goes into them. From the bride and grooms vision of what they want and then to see it come to life.

Some venues are now requesting Brides and Grooms to cut their wedding cake before dinner.

Traditionally the wedding cake is cut after dinner so all the guests  can and enjoy the unique ideas and designs the couple used to tie it into the wedding day.

We are one of the first companies in Pittsburgh that offer wedding cake pin spots lighting. This service is a simple add on and it makes your wedding cake stand out. Getting the Wows you want to hear about your wedding night.

You also can use this light from the cake as a monogram and as a spot light for your first dance.

Contact us for more info about this amazing service!

January 19th 2014 – Wedding show!


We started our year of wedding shows off on the right foot! Our first show was at The Monroeville Convention Center on Sunday January 5, 2014.

From all the past wedding shows that we have done at the beginning of the year this show I would have to say was the best one of lot. We got to meet many of the new brides to be and it was wonderful to introduce my business to  you.  I hope all the brides to be were able to find all they were looking for, and were able to find some great deals. Remember booking a vendor by a deal can be good for your budget. However make sure to always do your research on each vendor and see what other brides that have used them have to say about them. Be sure to check out Wedding Wire and any of the other review sites.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our next wedding show this year at The Conference Center at Saint Vincent College in the Fred M. Rogers Center.

A Few Quick Tips for a good wedding show visit: bring a bottle of water, a sheet of labels with your info (Name – Phone # – Address & Email Address), and most important comfortable shoes.

See you at the show!


8 Over and Under Rated Trends for 2014

An overrated food trend is small bites or small plates. People want to eat, not just taste something.”
—Rita Gutekanst, principal, Limelight

“Gatsby-themed events are played out. It’s been done so many times that even the Great Gatsby himself would want to toss the invitation.”
—Justin Jacobson, C.E.O., Platinum Strategic Marketing & Events?

“The Pantone color of the year. Although I am a huge fan of the upcoming year’s color, Radiant Orchid, I think we need to challenge each other to mix it up and mix it in with some other vibrant colors. There were a lot of emerald green parties in 2013, but we did our best to use it in moderation.”
—Jaime Geffen, co-owner, YourBash

“I think the industry’s push to [reimagine the traditional] photo booth from a video booth to slow motion, etc., is somewhat overrated. The photo booth works and guests love it. But we’ve stopped trying to recreate it [with new technologies] and have simply just found ways to make it different each and every time from backdrops to props. It’s still rather versatile and truly loved by all.”
—Alexandra Rembac, principal and creative director, Sterling Engagements Inc.

“I feel that structured events, such as sit-down plated dinners, are overrated in the corporate atmosphere. An interactive, networking style [of dining] has more R.O.I. Also, I feel that having guests leave a meeting, run to their room, change, and go to an event is overrated. We see our clients giving the option for the guests to be very casual throughout the conference, including the event, so they can leave the conference and run right to the event.”
—Jeff Davis, partner, Access Destination Services

“One of the most underrated trends is live Twitter feeds broadcasted at events. Many event organizers fail to understand the impact of feedback on events while the event is going on, enhancement of the attendee experience, and the impact of word of mouth for future events. Nominal expense for great impact.”
—Ebony Grimsley, owner, Above Promotions Company

“The cotton candy trend is fabulous. Take us back to childhood favorite sweets, please—but in 2014 spun from all-natural, organic single-malt whiskey, bacon chocolate, salted caramel, and more. Also, late-night food: keep it coming. End-of-night bites are always hot.
As for Radiant Orchid, I am neutral here. Not a big purple person, but mixed with platinums and ombred lilac shades, I am going to work it.”
—Debi Lilly, founder and president, A Perfect Event

Awesome idea that are growing more to the normal!

“Internationally inspired weddings. I think you will see couples having weddings that celebrate either their own nationalities or include elements from places they love. For example, Spain-inspired, Ireland-inspired, Mexico-inspired.”
—Tanya Costigan, wedding and event planner and coordinator, Bowties and Butterflies Event Planning

Back from DJing and learning in Las Vegas!

Well ladies and gentlemen its that time of the year where we get all
of our info together to recap on the notes we wrote down from all
the seminars we attended during the Mobile Beat Las Vegas Convention.
That was held on February 3-7, 2013.

Just some info on this event for those that don’t know what it is!
The mobile Beat las Vegas convention is a show made for the DJ
industry to learn new things that are the Hottest Trends for
weddings as well as keeping up on your training skills to learn how
to better serve your client. This show had about 35 seminars and 15
different workshops as well. Also their was 4 private workshops held
as well at the beginning of the week before the conference started and
at the end of the week. Some of these workshops that I just talked
about are presented by Mark Ferrell, Peter Merry, and Alan Dodson.

IF your a DJ in this industry you need to check these guys out cause
they will only help your business out in the positive way. Also I want
to mention there are many other Professional DJ workshops
to look at attending.

Now while your attending this conference there is the exhibition floor
with all the latest technology and products from vendors to look at,
play with, ask questions and of course purchase
(at some great discounts!). And then there is the networking with DJs
from all over the world!

This is the 3rd year for me to attend and each year gets crazy with
seminars, events, after parties, and networking dinners. I am one of the
four that attended the show this year from Pittsburgh, Pa DJ industry.
Now some of Pittsburgh area DJs attend other conferences and shows but not
many do attend any at all. Meaning there is about 200 DJs in Pittsburgh
and only 20 or so care to keep up with their learning and training.

Some of the highlights from this trip this year are, networking with other
like mind DJs that want to better their company as well as having a support
team of friends to bounce ideas off of. Another highlight was the DJ Takeover
that was held at The Queen Victoria Pub Inside of the
Rivera Hotel and Casino. Here is a link to see some video of me Emceeing the
Also I was the Co host of this as well as DJ Flip from New Jersey. Lots of
fun playing for two mights with some of the best mobile Djs in the industry,
their were 24 Djs spinning all with different styles and gear to use.

Final cap on this event is it is one of my must attend events that each year
I go to to better my self and company as well as bringing back ideas for my
clients to have a wedding that is modern and stylish. I thank you for reading
about my trip and also check out my blog for more info about wedding
related topics.

Top 25 songs for Mother and son dance as of 2012

1 Rascal Flatts My Wish
2 Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World
3 Boyz II MenA Song For Mama
4 Beatles In My Life
5 Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man
6 Womack, Lee Ann I Hope You Dance
7 Dion, Celine Because You Loved Me (Theme From Up Close And
8 Kamakawiwo’ole, Israel ‘Iz’ Over The Rainbow
9 Groban, Josh You Raise Me Up
10 Stewart, Rod Forever Young
11 Stewart, Rod Have I Told You Lately
12 Chesney, Kenny Don’t Blink
13 King, Ben E. Stand By Me
14 Brooks, Garth It’s Your Song
15 Cole, Natalie With Nat King Cole Unforgettable
16 Matthews, Jason That’s What Mamas Do
17 Midler, Bette Wind Beneath My Wings
18 Taylor, James How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
19 Wonder, Stevie You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
20 Collins, Phil You’ll Be In My Heart
21 Rogers, Kenny Through The Years
22 Adkins, Trace Then They Do
23 John, Elton Your Song
24 Mcentire, Reba He Gets That From Me
25 Fleetwood Mac Landslide

Top 25 Songs For Father and Daughter dance as of 2012

1 Heartland I Loved Her First
2 Mcgraw, Tim My Little Girl
3 Temptations My Girl
4 Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses
5 Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World
6 Rascal Flatts My Wish
7 Chapman, Steven Curtis Cinderella
8 Sinatra, Frank The Way You Look Tonight
9 Simon, Paul Father And Daughter
10 Beatles In My Life
11 Kamakawiwo’ole, Israel ‘Iz’ Over The Rainbow
12 Mccain, Edwin Walk With You
13 Wonder, Stevie Isn’t She Lovely
14 Adkins, Trace Just Fishin
15 Dion, Celine Because You Loved Me (Theme From Up C
lose And Personal)
16 Cole, Natalie With Nat King Cole Unforgettable
17 Fleetwood Mac Landslide
18 Vandross, Luther Dance With My Father
19 Womack, Lee Ann I Hope You Dance
20 Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl
21 Wicks, Chuck Stealing Cinderella
22 Stewart, Rod Forever Young
23 Joel, Billy Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
24 King, Ben E. Stand By Me
25 Mayer, John Daughters

What should a Wedding DJ do for your wedding? Before, During and After the event?

Well this really is a loaded question that all Djs will have their own version of!

We at Pittsburgh Vibes Unlimited feel we are here to help you for all three parts. Here is what to expect from us at least.

Let me break them down for you:

What to expect of your DJ before the wedding:
First we listen to all of your questions and comments and will answer then in a timely fashion.
We want to learn from you about your vision and expectation as to what you want your wedding to be and the only way for us to learn to to meet with you and honestly listen to you. At this point we can tell you what we can do for you and how we can accomplish this for you. We also listen to you as to what you plan or want your event to be like and what order.  This is where we start planning the timeline for your event. We also listen to see what you want for style and types of music. Are you planning on having custom songs for each couple of your wedding party or do you have a special song that you want them all to enter with? Do you have a special song you want to highlight that is your song?  Do you want a compilation of several songs to have your own wedding dance song that you saw on youtube? We are here to listen to you and your ideas. After doing hundreds of weddings we learned no two are alike. Yes, there are many things that are similar from wedding to wedding but here is where you can tell me what you liked in past weddings or what you want yours to sound and look like. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We don’t do this all in one night. We can meet with you a couple of time and will always be there via email and phone calls. We are here to make your wedding your own not another canned package. I feel this is where most of the work being a wedding DJ is. The planning and coordination of your event before it happens.
What to expect of your DJ during the wedding reception:
This is the easy part. Due to the planning and timelines the DJ/Emcee of  your night is there executing your game plan. Here is where everything that we discussed and planned using our worksheets, emails and meetings pay off. We are here to do the best to create the type of atmosphere you envisioned your wedding reception to be. The DJ becomes the ringmaster of your event. Most people just think the DJ is there to just play some music for you to dance to. But the DJ become the coordinator for the evening. We help organize the timing and getting your party together at the right moments. Beside the introductions, the DJ / Emcee gets everyone ready for the Speeches, The cutting of the cake, The First Dances, The Dancing with the parents, keeping people informed of the events happening throughout the evening. We work with your catering to keep the night flowing and your guests happy. We will work with your Photographer and videographer. If they are not in sync and know what is happening, you don’t want them to miss or not be ready to film or take photos of something that is about to happen. This is why we work so hard on the preplanning. Besides all of this we are there to play music. We will follow your play and your do not play lists. We read the crowd and will make sure everyone is having a good time and partying all night long to the music. We are there to make your wedding dreams come true.

After the Wedding:
We know that after the wedding you don’t really have anymore interaction with us. This part is provided by your family and guests. As you come back from your honeymoon or your trip  your family and friends have all ready have been posting on your facebook or twitter and even emailed you to tell you how much fun they had at your wedding and did not want it to end.
With that in mind we like to read this feedback and like to learn from each wedding. We enjoy hearing about how we did and would like you to leave us a written review so this can help other brides learn about how we did for you event and even give them a few of your ideas and even let them know how we did for you.

As you can see a professional DJ Entertainment company is responsible for SO MUCH More then just playing music for your reception. Most brides never realize all a good professional DJ really does for their event. That is what we take each and every wedding communication before the wedding so seriously. The entertainment for your wedding night is much more then just playing a few songs it is about making sure the event runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

As a bride or groom to be, consider entertainment an investment into your events success or failure.
There are numerous studies and articles that indicate how after the wedding couples wished they spent more time looking for a DJ company that best suited their style, tastes and ideas and listened to what they wanted in their evening.

Bill Jakub – Pittsburgh Wedding DJ – PVU Event Group

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Whats up everyone,

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Pittsburgh Wedding DJ – Bill Jakub – PVU

Viewmaster – Wedding Invitation.

viewmaster wedding invatationEveryone is always looking for a new and exciting ways to announce their wedding day.

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